Picture this what a brilliant idea!
No List needed...works with Amazon, CPA offers, Clickbank ETC...No product creation to eat up your time and resources...No inventory to pay for and store somewhere...No websites to design or build...

Just drive traffic to any page and be able to put your marketing message on there page... Even sites like Amazon, any CPA offers, you name it we can increase your affiliate sales guaranteed... Yes you can put your message on Amazon Its that powerful

Nothing to package or ship and nobody trying to get a hold of you at all hours of the day and night for customer support!

Think about it - it couldn't get much easier than that!

No one ever had to explain it to me. Even when I first got into Internet Marketing, it was easy to see that being an affiliate was a quick way to bring in some online cash.

And It's Still A Cash Cow Too!

Now you may already know this - but I'll spell it out here, just in case - I didn't launch a single product of my own last year. My income was entirely from affiliate marketing and some residuals.

So there is no doubt in my mind that affiliate marketing is still very lucrative.

But I'll be the first to admit that there's one thing that I didn't mention above...

One thing that I had struggled with since I first started marketing...

The piece of the marketing formula that can send our profits soaring, yet most of us wish it would go away!

And that one part is BONUSES! The fastest way to show your prospects added value!

Yes, it's a love/hate relationship. You love the fact that offering bonuses can help us make a lot more money... But you hate having to find (or worse yet - create) 'em.

Now, you may have heard people argue that adding bonuses to your offer will not increase your sales, but you and I both know that's a bunch of malarkey.

If they tell me they've offered bonuses before and it never made a difference, I know it's almost always one of two things...

1. Their bonuses were not relevant to the main offer, or

2. Their bonuses weren't truly valuable products.

I have proven through years of experience that adding unique quality bonuses to your affiliate offers can double, triple, and even quadruple your sales!

Offering enticing and valuable bonuses is the fastest and easiest way you can:

Make it easy for your customers to "justify the buy" with bonuses that boost the overall value of your offers

Help your offers rise above the affiliate melee when everyone and their uncle is trying to make the same sale

Become a sought after affiliate marketer. Guru's will be courting YOU!

Supercharge your product or service with bonuses that make it easier or more effective to use

Give your buyers powerful "instant gratification" with downloadable bonuses (especially effective when the main offer isn't delivered on the spot!)

Overcome the perceived risks all prospects have when weighing their buying options

Get your prospects saying yes to your main offers just to get their hands on "must have" exclusive bonuses (This happens a lot more often than you may think!)

That will be huge...Keep me in the loop on that one I want in...Mike Filsaime

So it's easy to see why bonuses can make the difference between being a struggling affiliate marketer and getting your game on with the big dogs!

What A Pain!

When I first got into affiliate marketing, I remember investing hours and even days into finding and creating bonuses. I'd be ready to launch and still scrambling to come up with ebooks, reports, and audios that would have the buyers chomping at the bit.

Competing with the big boys who could pile on freebie after freebie and trying to find the time to put together some quality add-ons that would make my offer shine. Calling in favours from friends in the business and explaining to others why letting me offer a product from their library was a good deal for them.

Sometimes I'd run out of time and promote without bonuses or throw-in one or two random products just to have something on the page. Yeah, I knew it was hurting my bottom line. I was leaving serious money on the table. But I just didn't have the time

And with affiliate offers, timing is everything! Getting in during the launch. Taking advantage of the buzz. I couldn't hold off on marketing while I tried to come up with ideas, then get 'em on paper, and make 'em look good, too.

It was easy to see the difference between offers that went out with solid bonuses and those that did not. In fact, at the start of last year, I ran some numbers and affiliate sales with great bonuses outsold the others by 5-to-1

Didn't take a marketing genius (but if you want to call me that, please feel free!) to know that desirable bonus offers really do pump up affiliate sales.

At that point I figured it was a smart idea to start focusing on bonuses and testing different ways to use them to make more money with less work.

Hi mate, Frank Bauer here.... looking into MBBO right now and just wanted to let you know that I like the concept. it looks like you got a winner there.

"Dude... it's a cool feeling to be able to promote things because you think they are cool rather then out of desperation to earn extra cash."

And I mean it... cool idea. I don't really care if I earn commissions... just want to share the news. :)

A New Attitude

Instead of treating bonuses like a big unavoidable pain in the butt, I decided to look at them as the real money makers they are.

And started experimenting with different types of offers and looking for a better way of including them in the affiliate promotion process.

The results were pretty darn exciting - to me and to my bank account!

Not only was it important to offer bonuses, but split testing proved that, the more bonuses you offer the better the conversion.

And the more relevant, the better. Of course quality mattered too. Better quality bonuses equaled better results.

And, if they're exclusive to your offer or rare, all the better.

I was having a bit of fun seeing how much extra profits I could make just by tweaking the bonus offers. In many cases, my offers brought in up to three times as much as they had in the past.

So, that's when I decided to really get creative.

They Want It All!

Realizing how powerful the bonuses were at increasing sales made me wonder if, you give them the right opportunity, people would be willing to pay to get more of them.

While it seemed a bit of a stretch to some, I had a pretty good feeling about it. So, one of my programmers wrote the program that allows you to do just that.

I call it My Best Bonus Offer (MBBO) and the idea is pretty simple. Drive your prospect to the sales page, but first show him a list of free gifts he can choose from if he decides to buy. You don't promise them all, you just show him a list of choices and let him know how many can select - IF he hits the buy button.

Once he snags your affiliate offer, he'll be able to submit his receipt and download the products he selects from the original list. (And this is where he gets the offer he just can't refuse)

Your customer is given the one-time only chance to buy all the products listed for one low price! And right after they just sat there having to read about each one and choose only a few.

Imagine the feeling... You've just read about all these great gifts and it's a bit like Christmas - you really want all of them - But you can only choose so many.

Now you have to make some tough choices and you're feeling a bit frustrated, a little bit denied. You don't want to miss out on this one or that one, but you just can't have 'em all.

And right at that very moment, you're offered the chance to get all of them. No more fretting over which to choose and you get exactly what you want.

Well, I promise you this formula works! There have been a number of campaigns where the bonus offer brought in nearly twice what the front end offer earned!

Think about what that means to your bottom line. All that EXTRA DOUGH without any extra work.

That's one of the most brilliant programs I've seen in a while. seriously... Ryan Hogan

Bonus Heaven!

So now you're offering your buyers a chance at Bonus Heaven. Not just one or two of the same bonuses over and over, but you're giving them a list to choose from.

Betcha you're wondering how that works. How are you going to have time to come up with all these different gifts?

Well, with My Best Bonus Offers, you're in Bonus Heaven too! As a member, you can browse the database and choose the bonus products best suited to your campaign. And we're not just talking e-Books here

There are new products added every month, And you can stop wondering about how good they are too!

Each product is checked for quality and approved BEFORE being added. And most are brand names, but all are top quality! And these bonuses are real - many are exclusive to MBBO and you won't find anyone out there giving any of them away anywhere for free.

You'll never have to spend another minute trying to create bonuses. No last minute scramble to find something to giveaway!

And no more inferiority complex when competing with the gurus! You can create killer bonus offers that put the big dogs to shame!

Reeling In The Dough...

I'm not going to waste your time here with unnecessary hype, there's just no point. Let me spell out exactly how you earn money with MBBO and you'll easily see it all for yourself!

First there is the overall jump in affiliate sales. Just by adding MBBO to your marketing funnel, you'll see your sales jump by as much as 327%! This can even be the boost you need to start hitting #1 in the affiliate contests!

Second, every time your customer buys the bonus upsell, you'll receive a 30% commission on the selling price.

And third, all bonus download pages display an MBBO sign-up link imbedded with your affiliate code. If anyone joins the program from that link, you earn a 50% commission.

So right there are three easy ways that you can enjoy more profits with less work.

And don't forget the time, resources, and frustration you save by not having to come up with bonuses on your own.

What does all this really mean to you?

More Cash - Up to three times more per affiliate offer

More Time - My Best Bonus Offers handles everything for you

Less Pressure - No more bonus scavenger hunts before every launch, And

Greater Success! - That feels pretty good, doesn't it!

You know, the extra money is great, but nothing beats the feeling of having gotten a handle on the one thing about affiliate marketing that used to drive me nuts!

Affiliate Marketing Mastery...

This program is going to revolutionize the way affiliate marketing offers work! Your prospects aren't going to settle for some other marketers slapped together bonus offer with some ebooks or audios that were lying around.

They'll know that they can trust you to give them a never-ending variety of high-quality giveaways. And you can change up your selections each time, so they won't be getting the same thing twice.

Including a selection of solid, relevant bonuses gives your affiliate promotion a "USP". That is a "tried and true" marketing term for "Unique Selling Proposition". And that means your offer won't be viewed as just another pitch. Your bonuses will make it stand out from the crowd.

You've always known that affiliate marketing requires the least amount of effort for the greatest return, and now you can take it to a whole new level! It's like having a product creation team working for you 24/7!

And there are a couple of other benefits too! As a member you also have access to a complete tracking service for all your links and promotions.

You have real-time info showing your money coming in!

Plus, you can say goodbye to those deal killing long ugly affiliate links!

With a built-in cloaking program you'll be able to turn even the most obvious affiliate link into a plain-looking url.

I've worked hard to make this program the final piece of the affiliate marketing puzzle. The easiest, fastest, and most effective way to handle bonus offers. And the best way for you to reach a new level of success in marketing!

My Best Bonus Offers works with any affiliate page that has a url! So, you can create irresistible bonus offers for products from other Internet Marketers, sites like Amazon and Clickbank, or even with programs through Commission Junction or LinkShare.

Hey Puddy - set to send out for your membership site. any way to get access to a demo account? it looks pretty brilliant- Dr Mike Woo Ming

Here's The Skinny...

So what is it that you actually get when you join My Best Bonus Offers?

Well, you get...

Unlimited access to high-quality bonus products (and new ones are added every month) that you can use to set up your offer.

Full use of the MBBO system which lets you set-up wickedly effective bonus offers for all of your online marketing promotions

30% commissions on all bonus upsells

50% commission on anyone who joins the MBBO using your link

Unrestricted use of MBBO's affiliate tracking software

Full access to MBBO's link cloaking program

Some of you may already realize that everything you get as a member of the My Best Bonus Offers is worth thousands of dollars to you each and every month - both from money saved and from money earned.

And I spoke with several heavy hitters in the affiliate marketing arena and each one agreed that $127 per month was a fair price for everything listed above.

Well, I thought about starting out at that price, but I truly want to make this accessible to anyone who wants to sell more affiliate offers and do it without losing their mind.

Just Click the Button Below To Get Started

Yes, Robert, there is no way I'm passing this up!

By clicking this button, I understand that:

  • That for the single price stated above (absolutely no monthly fee's ever) I get full entitlement to every thing in the offer above

  • That Nowhere else can you choose from a constantly updated database of quality bonus products.

  • That Nowhere else can you actually increase your profits by up selling added bonuses!

  • That Nowhere else can you do it all this and more with almost ZERO EFFORT

  • Free Enticement Products - Product developers have laboured to create highly-desirable products to me to offer as bonus for my affiliate campaigns

  • Free Product Delivery - I don't even have to hassle with product delivery because you are going to take care of that for me too as part of my free membership.

On that basis, the only move I see is to click the button below and join My Best Bonus Offer

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I've spent the last year testing and tweaking this program. I know it works for me and I know it will work for you! There is no obligation to stay or contract to sign. So give it a go today and grab your space before it's too late!

To Your Continued Success,

Robert Puddy

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